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Building Maintenance Units

We are dedicated to the quality design, manufacture and installation of Building Maintenance Units (BMU). We have a presence in more than 35 countries through a network of key partners and distributors, from North America to Australia and are one of the leading manufacturers in the market being awarded more than 800 projects worldwide.

Atechbcn is the result of the experience it has accumulated over 25 years by an executive, technical and commercial team in the BMU sector. Our strategy focuses on delivering a customized product that provides specific solutions with high added value, working closely with architects, construction companies and developers; utilizing our vast technical capacity and extensive expertise to provide some of the safest equipment available.

Installation of an A-25 in London

Calculation and design

Each BMU is designed to offer a bespoke solution to the geometric complexity of every building.

BMUs can be designed for access to recess areas using pantograph platforms, negative and positive incline facades and incline roofs utilizing rack and pinion drive systems. Telescopic jibs and columns are utilized to keep the machines hidden when not in service and auxiliary hoists incorporated for glass and panel replacement.

Fabrication and installation

ATECH work in compliance with the quality assurance processes included in ISO 9001: 2015 that we extend to our suppliers. All equipment has CE type certification in the design, calculation and manufacturing process in accordance with the European standard EN1808, the American standard ASME120 and the Australian standard AS1418.13.

Manufacture our BMUs are exclusively with European sourced materials and suppliers approved by Atech and CE declarations of conformity.

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