BRI Tower



Jakarta – Indonesia



Final testing on one of the biggest BMU in APAC. No doubts. The BRI Tower in Jakarta, equipped with a A-25 model BMU, 32m telescopic jib and 34m telescopic mast height. Will become a new iconic project in Indonesia, where Atechbcn is the market leader since years ago, working closely to architects, developers and construction companies.

Only very few companies in the BMU industry worldwide, are capable to design and manufacture this special unit, and we are proud to be one of them.

Our work is truly profitable when we are able to offer a firm value to satisfy the demands of our stakeholders.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we could not travel to the site to assist our partners this time. Congratulations to them too for the huge efforts!


BRI Tower Jakarta Atechbcn BMU manufacturer 001
BRI Tower Jakarta Atechbcn BMU manufacturer 0002


Libeskind Tower Milano

Libeskind Tower Milano

Milano (Italy) – Testing at Libeskind Tower. Impressive BMU for an impressive Tower!

Aan de Waterkant

Aan de Waterkant

Take look on the latest video from our friends in the Netherlands! Great video of an BMU A-25

BMU 3D Video animations

BMU 3D Video animations

Industrial animation videos make it possible to visually integrate details in the structure of a building or a machine.

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