Djamaa El Djazair Great Mosque



Argel – Argelia


BMU A25 – BMU A15

Its minaret, 263 m high, will be the highest minaret worldwide. The Mosque will be the third biggest mosque in the world and is already the highest building of Africa. With CSCEC, (China State construction), ATECH is now realizing the installation of several system for maintenance and cleaning of the Minaret and the dome. The project is located in a very sensible seismic area.On the dome, at level 45, a 52 m Palazzani machine, will be installed on a moving platform, traversing on a double steel rail, so it will reach all parts of the dome.

Furthermore, machine is equipped with a high-pressure water group, and a hook with a capacity of 300 kg in order to replace the defectives panels, and of a basket for 4 persons. This installation is unique in the world. On Minaret, CSCEC and Atechbcn will install a machine A25/15, with luffing, 2 telescopes, cradle 5 m long, on the top roof at level 263. Two machines A10, at level 263 will be used for rescue only. Inside the upper part of the minaret, in the area called Sommah, level 263 to 242, a complex system of climbing monorail will be installed in order to allow a motorized cradle type A2, to translate horizontally and vertically. Finally, a life line will be installed on the main structure at level 263.


Atechbcn bmu manufacturer - Tour Hekla Paris 01
Atechbcn bmu manufacturer - Tour Hekla Paris 01
Atechbcn bmu manufacturer - Tour Hekla Paris 01


Kuwait International Airport

Kuwait International Airport

Farwaniya (Kuwait ) – A new terminal designed by Foster + Partner at the Kuwait International Airport (KIA)

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