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Paris – France



The outstanding location gives the project great visibility and fantastic views to and from the west of the capital. Giving a new balance to the skyline of La Défense, the Jean Nouvel-designed tower will dramatically change the western landscape of Paris. Located in a soon-to-be completely refurbished district that will include student housing, the largest park in the area, retail options and a pedestrian green path from the conversion of road interchange overhanging the site inspired by the skyline of New York. HEKLA is expected to be completed end of 2021.

A-25 with 42m jib and scissor pantograph will become one of the biggest BMU installed in France and the extreme difficult façade requires a top-level product and solution.

Atechbcn provided design and engineering expertise from the initial stages of the project.


Atechbcn bmu manufacturer - Tour Hekla Paris 01


Libeskind Tower Milano

Libeskind Tower Milano

Milano (Italy) – Testing at Libeskind Tower. Impressive BMU for an impressive Tower!

BRI Tower

BRI Tower

Jakarta (Indonesia) – Model A25. Final testing on one of the biggest BMU in APAC.

Aan de Waterkant

Aan de Waterkant

Take look on the latest video from our friends in the Netherlands! Great video of an BMU A-25

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