Wynyard Place



Sydney – Australia



“Wynyard Place will be one of Australia’s premier commercial and retail precincts due to its architectural design, location in the heart of the Sydney CBD and its integration with one of the city’s busiest commuter nodes, Wynyard. It will transform the Wynyard area into a destination in its own right, as well as being a hub for office workers, commuters, shoppers and the community at large.”

Carl Schibrowski, Head of Development – Australia, Brookfield Property Partners

The Wynyard Place (previously referred to as One Carrington) project creates a new direct access route between George Street and the train station concourse at Wynyard

The project consists on two A-25, one of them with telescopic mast, 14m jib, Auxiliary Hoist 300kg for glass replacement and soft rope system.

The second BMU is a 28m jib with 4 telescopic jib sections, 400kg Auxiliary Hoist and soft rope system too.


Atechbcn bmu manufacturer - Wynyard Place Sydney 01


Kuwait International Airport

Kuwait International Airport

Farwaniya (Kuwait ) – A new terminal designed by Foster + Partner at the Kuwait International Airport (KIA)

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