Infinity Tower


Dubai / U.A.E  



Atechbcn Solution

The spiral façades of these towers mean that the BMU platform required for cleaning and maintenance must follow the same lines as the curtain wall. Our equipment is guided by special anchor points that help to lead it along the curves of the façade at each level.

The Infinity Tower has floor slabs that require the structure to turn as it rises from one level to another. Each floor is at a relative angle of 1.2 degrees compared to others in order to achieve a full 90 degree rotation, forming this helix-shaped building. The concept adopted for the installation of our cleaning and maintenance equipment involved the construction of a BMU with various telescopic arms and a specifically-designed pantograph, with a special soft-rope system in order to reach the numerous embedded façades.



Le Monde Headquarters

Le Monde Headquarters

Paris (France) – Le Monde Group chosen Atechbcn as BMU partner, in collaboration with our local partner.

32 Smith Street

32 Smith Street

Parramatta (Australia) – The BMU meet the client’s requirements of being able to achieve complete access around the entire building.

BSR City

BSR City

Tel Aviv (Israel) – BSR City project is big scale commercial and offices complex spread over 4-acre area.

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