Intesa Sanpaolo


Turin / Italy 


BMU A15 + A25

Atechbcn Solution

Designed by world-famous architect Renzo Piano, the Intesa Sanpaolo Tower stands 167 metres high and dominate the skyline of Turin. The Intesa Sanpaolo Tower is a mixed-use development that provides office accommodation for more than 2000 employees of Intesa Sanpaolo Group as well as providing leisure facilities for the general public. Permasteelisa Group has designed and installed the façade.

Three model A15, one A25 and one motorized cradle provide access to the façade for cleaning and maintenance tasks. A15 units are fitted with fixed column and auxiliary hoist for glass replacement.



Le Monde Headquarters

Le Monde Headquarters

Paris (France) – Le Monde Group chosen Atechbcn as BMU partner, in collaboration with our local partner.

32 Smith Street

32 Smith Street

Parramatta (Australia) – The BMU meet the client’s requirements of being able to achieve complete access around the entire building.

BSR City

BSR City

Tel Aviv (Israel) – BSR City project is big scale commercial and offices complex spread over 4-acre area.

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