KL Eco City Hotel and Residential


Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia


BMU A25 with Pantograph

Atechbcn Solution

ViiA Residences sits within KL Eco City, a 25-acre integrated development consisting of commercial offices, residential towers, a retail podium and a hotel. This prestigious masterplan is well poised to emerge as the new Central Business District.

Atechbcn has carried out the BMU for the new 40-storey hotel and residences comprises 2 wings which are seamlessly integrated.

The BMU is an A-25, with 23m jib with pantograph for the recess areas. 



Le Monde Headquarters

Le Monde Headquarters

Paris (France) – Le Monde Group chosen Atechbcn as BMU partner, in collaboration with our local partner.

32 Smith Street

32 Smith Street

Parramatta (Australia) – The BMU meet the client’s requirements of being able to achieve complete access around the entire building.

BSR City

BSR City

Tel Aviv (Israel) – BSR City project is big scale commercial and offices complex spread over 4-acre area.

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