Platinum Park Phase 3


Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia



Atechbcn Solution

The Naza Tower and The Tabung Haji Tower are part of the Platinum Park Phase 3, project in the centre of Kuala Lumpur. The spiral shape of the towers lends a unique twist to the skyline of the Malaysian capital.

We installed one 26-metre long BMU with telescopic arms onto each building, in addition to auxiliary hoists for the replacement of glass panels, so providing a comprehensive solution for access to the façades of these two extraordinary towers



Tour Hekla

Tour Hekla

Paris (France) – Hekla Tower at La Défense is emblematic of next-generation skyscrapers. With 220m height and 48 floors this building becomes an icon in central Europe.

Central Bank of Azerbaijan

Central Bank of Azerbaijan

Baku (Azerbaijan) – The project for the Central Bank of Azerbaijan on a site on Heydar Aliyev Prospect in Baku is based on an economical high-rise typology.

The Nexus Project

The Nexus Project

Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) – The building is designed with 4 glass sides with anti-glare and heat-resistant functions.

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