Qingdao Port


Qingdao / China


3 units BMU A25

Atechbcn Solution

The Building Maintenance Units are total three units, which covers this complex façade and a material hoist provides for glass panel replacement work with a maximum load of 800kg.

The BMU from Atechbcn are 3 units A25 with 32m jib, telescopic mast for parking purpose and Auxiliary Hoist of 500kg for glass replacement. Three Building Maintenance Units are located at roof level and provide the most efficient access to all the main facade with telescopic jibs and telescopic column.


Atechbcn BMU manufacturer -Qingdao Port. China 03
Atechbcn BMU manufacturer -Qingdao Port. China 01
Atechbcn BMU manufacturer -Qingdao Port. China 02


Le Monde Headquarters

Le Monde Headquarters

Paris (France) – Le Monde Group chosen Atechbcn as BMU partner, in collaboration with our local partner.

32 Smith Street

32 Smith Street

Parramatta (Australia) – The BMU meet the client’s requirements of being able to achieve complete access around the entire building.

BSR City

BSR City

Tel Aviv (Israel) – BSR City project is big scale commercial and offices complex spread over 4-acre area.

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