Soyak Kristal Tower


Istanbul / Turkey



Atechbcn Solution

The Soyak Kristal Tower is a high-rise office tower project in Levent, the main shopping area of Istanbul. The tower is 170 metres high and is made up of sloping, asymmetric surfaces that form an impressive addition to the city skyline. Two hydraulic pistons open the roof to give access to a model A25 BMU with a twin, 12-metre high telescopic column with a 32-metre long arm. The equipment is housed in a minimal space that has been designed in accordance with the needs of this unique building.



4 Times Square

New York (USA) – This 48-floor, glass-and-steel tower in Times Square reflects the slick aplomb of its eponymous, and largest, former tenant: Condé Nast.

Ministry of Taxes

Baku (Azerbaijan) – The new 170-meter tall building of the Ministry of Taxes is composed of five twisting cubes of different sizes standing on the podium levels.

Tour Majunga

Paris (France) – This contemporary design tower is the leading project of the La Défense district of Paris for 2014. The Tour Majunga, Paris’s second-tallest tower.

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