Symbiosis F


Milan / Italy


Atechbcn Solution

Atechbcn is glad to work on the second project at Symbiosis area in Milan. After Symbiosis D, now we are carrying out the works at Symbiosis F project developed by Covivio in South Milan.

Occupying a strategic location for Milan’s economic development, the Symbiosis business district has been designed to the highest standards in terms of smart offices, technology, performance, and flexibility.

 The project is scheduled to be executed along second half of 2024.


The image shows a modern building in Milan, Italy, characterized by a unique architectural design with stacked rectangular sections. The middle section of the building features a large green space with trees, creating an integrated natural environment within the structure. The building is surrounded by autumn-colored trees, adding a touch of seasonal beauty to the urban landscape. The overall design is contemporary and innovative, blending urban and natural elements harmoniously.


Tour Hekla

Tour Hekla

Paris (France) – Hekla Tower at La Défense is emblematic of next-generation skyscrapers. With 220m height and 48 floors this building becomes an icon in central Europe.

Central Bank of Azerbaijan

Central Bank of Azerbaijan

Baku (Azerbaijan) – The project for the Central Bank of Azerbaijan on a site on Heydar Aliyev Prospect in Baku is based on an economical high-rise typology.

The Nexus Project

The Nexus Project

Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) – The building is designed with 4 glass sides with anti-glare and heat-resistant functions.

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