Qingdao Port China



Qingdao Port – China


A25 – 3 units

Atechbcn is proud to have been selected for yet another facade access system in Asia, this time in Qingdao, CHINA.

The BMU from Atechbcn are 3 units A25 with 32m jib, telescopic mast and Auxiliary Hoist of 500kg for glass replacement. Three Building Maintenance Units are located at roof level and provide the most efficient access to all the main facade with telescopic jibs and telescopic column.

Construction completion is expected for the last quarter of 2020 and the BMU already at the top of building.


Atechbcn bmu manufacturer - Qingdao Port China 01
Atechbcn bmu manufacturer - Qingdao Port China 02
Atechbcn bmu manufacturer - Qingdao Port China 03


Libeskind Tower Milano

Libeskind Tower Milano

Milano (Italy) – Testing at Libeskind Tower. Impressive BMU for an impressive Tower!

BRI Tower

BRI Tower

Jakarta (Indonesia) – Model A25. Final testing on one of the biggest BMU in APAC.

Aan de Waterkant

Aan de Waterkant

Take look on the latest video from our friends in the Netherlands! Great video of an BMU A-25

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