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Hekla Tower at La Défense is emblematic of next-generation skyscrapers. With 220m height and 48 floors this building becomes an icon in central Europe. The outstanding location gives the project great visibility and fantastic views to and from the west of the capital. Giving a new balance to the skyline, the Jean Nouvel-designed tower will dramatically change the western landscape of Paris.

Atechbcn have worked in closely with the architects since the early days of the project and our expert team developed the solution for a complete facade access system which meets all their requirements.

The BMU with a double telescopic column aver 20m height, jib of 44m length and special scissor pantograph for glass replacement of 550kg. BMU total weight 120tn.

Atechbcn provided design & engineering and manufacturing expertise from the initial stages of the project until the installation. A unique masterpiece of BMU engineering and execution.

Nice video about this exceptional BMU.


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Project Atechbcn BMU Tour Hekla 2
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Central Bank of Azerbaijan

Central Bank of Azerbaijan

Baku (Azerbaijan) – The project for the Central Bank of Azerbaijan on a site on Heydar Aliyev Prospect in Baku is based on an economical high-rise typology.

The Nexus Project

The Nexus Project

Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) – The building is designed with 4 glass sides with anti-glare and heat-resistant functions.

Sky Fort

Sky Fort

Sofia (Bulgaria) An A18 model BMU with a double telescopic column and three articulated arms.

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