Sagrada Familia


Barcelona / Spain



Atechbcn Solution

The Sagrada Familia is Barcelona’s indisputable icon and Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece. It is the city’s most visited monument. It is recognizable from afar thanks to its sky-scraping towers, while its two exterior facades impact visitors at its site. However, it is inside where Gaudi’s genius is most evident. The basilica is still under construction and is not expected to be completed until 2026.

In 2019, work is focusing on continuing to build the towers of the Evangelists and the Virgin Mary and beginning work on the tower of Jesus Christ. The remaining symbolic elements on the upper portico of the Passion façade are also being executed and put in place.

Atechbcn, as a Catalan company and based in Barcelona, are very proud to participate in this iconic building. Specially, we have designed an A-15 BMU for all the period of construction. Consist on a BMU which assist at the crown during the operation of assembling of the stone blocks.  

Additionally, Atechbcn has been awarded to provide the whole access solution inside of the Basilica, in a period since 2019 and 2023.




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